language game

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lan·guage game

in philosophy, all the operations and behaviors contained in and expressed by symbols, language rules, and the social customs concerning language use.
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Building on the strategic framework in Crawford and Sobel (1982), and sparked by Farrell's (1993: 515) deep insight that, credible or not, natural language has a comprehensible meaning, Jorge Streb and Gustavo Torrens (2015) develop an alternative solution concept for language games that incorporates the literal meaning of the message as an additional source of information.
In this sense, language is at the heart of Onufs analysis because none of the three types of rule would hold if language games were absent.
8220;The fun spark of the language games leaves us jumping with joy,” wrote the German Foundation Reading back then.
242) Rather than arising from a disjunction between language and extralinguistic facts, speech is nonsensical when it fails to adhere to the rules of the relevant language game.
Language games' are joint attention sharing activities; and words obtain their meaning, in most cases, not by representing things in the world, as dictionaries and traditional thinking suggests, but by their use in various language games.
In this sense, any epistemological language game that depends on the idea of "correct perception" can only be, as Pete declares, "periphrastic," a futile exercise in circumlocution.
Amid all the questions, there is a point--Wittgenstein is concerned with exposing the grammatical rules and functionality of the language game of religious and non-religious believers.
The work exemplifies Carvalho's broader aim: to critique mediated reality by playing with the image's sign value as a kind of language game.
The question makes it appear that, when individuals or groups raise a claim of justice, they are doing something more than raising a claim in a language game.
On the one hand, the Political is a language game like the others, with its own specific rules and immanent possibilities of transformation and, on the other hand, it has other language games for its content.
The highest number of points that can be scored on the first go, with bonuses, in an English language game is 128 - Muzjiks - which means Russian peasants
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