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lan·guage game

in philosophy, all the operations and behaviors contained in and expressed by symbols, language rules, and the social customs concerning language use.
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Yet, when assisted by their parents, even younger children can have great fun with the language game.
Keep Clive Alive" is a Welsh language game that involves a cartoon character who must be guided through farming hazards.
AN iconic Welsh language game show returns this week with a new look and for the first time ever it will feature a same sex couple.
Trapped in the caffeine dream, If we are all captains then there is no team, Silence is golden and so is a scream, Language game cheats claim they're s u p re m e.
The world star enjoyed the same kind of language game associated with the "Wiener Gruppe" group of poets and often used a peculiar mixture of Viennese dialect, High German and English.
The work exemplifies Carvalho's broader aim: to critique mediated reality by playing with the image's sign value as a kind of language game.
The question makes it appear that, when individuals or groups raise a claim of justice, they are doing something more than raising a claim in a language game.
The highest number of points that can be scored on the first go, with bonuses, in an English language game is 128 - Muzjiks - which means Russian peasants
The poll of favourite words from the Cambridge Dictionary was commissioned by Ubisoft, makers of new language game My Word Search.
NEW GAME: Paddy Cronin, chief executive of the Edward Thompson Group which is producing foreign language game cards Picture: Lewis Arnold www.
Hence, names are the means of representation, the paradigmatic elements within a system that prepare us for description, or for playing the language game.
Parker's work on the Blackfoot language game has attracted interest from other Native groups who would like to see their language and culture reflected in a similar game.
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