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John N., English physiologist, 1852-1925. See: Langley granules.
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But in order to do so, Langly emphasized, actually keeping
Notwithstanding this success, however, Langly began the new
in black purchasing power--is exactly the kind of work that Langly felt
from the work that Langly avoided, however, those interested in the
by examining the work that Langly and so many others who dreamed of
black community, however, Langly made clear that in his view the most
Two stories told to me by Earl Langly underscore just how important
Langly made clear to me, however, that the communication needs to
their new firms on public business, Langly has not used raising money as
politician with whom Langly had a longstanding relationship was elected
Before this, there weren't any other options,'' Langly said.
Photo: The ultra-paranoid Lone Gunmen - Langly (Dean Haglund, left), Frohike (Tom Braidwood) and Byers (Bruce Harwood) - publish a newsletter about looming government conspiracies.