Langhans layer

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The inner cellular layer of the trophoblast of a blastocyst.
Synonym(s): Langhans layer
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Langhans layer

[Theodor Langhans, Ger. pathologist, 1839–1915]
A cellular layer present in the chorionic villi of the placenta. Synonym: cytotrophoblast
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Theodor, German pathologist, 1839-1915.
Langhans cells - multinucleated giant cells seen in tuberculosis and other granulomas. Synonym(s): cytotrophoblastic cells; Langhans-type giant cells
Langhans layer - the inner layer of the trophoblast. Synonym(s): cytotrophoblast
Langhans stria - fibrinoid that accumulates on the chorionic plate between the bases of placental villi during the first half of pregnancy.
Langhans-type giant cells - Synonym(s): Langhans cells
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