(lahng'hahnz), Do not confuse this name with Langerhans. Avoid the incorrect forms Langhan and Langhan's.
Theodor, German pathologist, 1839-1915. See: Langhans cells, Langhans-type giant cells, Langhans layer, Langhans stria.
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Some of the granulomas contained Langhans giant cells and foreign body giant cells.
A skin biopsy was taken from the plaque on the malar region, which revealed typical tuberculoid granulomas in the upper dermis consisting of epithelioid cells, Langhans giant cells, and dense lymphocytic infiltrate with dermal edema suggestive of tuberculoid leprosy with mild type-one reaction (Fig.
14) Exactly when this reader prepared the text is unclear; Edward Langhans includes the volume in his survey of Restoration Promptbooks, but does not rule out a Jacobean or Caroline date.
La infeccion fetal no puede suceder antes de la semana 16 de gestacion, debido a que la capa de Langhans del corion ejerce cierto efecto de barrera frente a Treponema pallidum.
Caption: Figure 1: Lymph node biopsy showing caseous necrosis, Langhans giant cells, and epithelioid cells
Over the years, the festival has expanded to other venues in Prague, such as Kino Lucerna, Bio Oko and Gallery Langhans, and to other Czech cities such as Brno and Olomouc as well as to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
Microscopic examination showed numerous epithelioid cell granulomas with Langhans giant cells and large areas of caseation necrosis in the pancreas.
Por su parte, PTBC causa un infiltrado de la mucosa del intestino, que puede ser focal o difuso y esta compuesto por macrofagos, linfocitos y celulas gigantes de Langhans (1,3).
Diagnosis of tuberculosis was confirmed on finding typical granulomas comprising of lymphocytes, Langhans type giant cells with or without caseation.
Austro Control has invested a lot but we are proud of the result, says Werner Langhans, Director Engineering Services at Austro Control.
Lesions from goat C were examined by histopathologic analysis and showed a profile suggestive of bovine tuberculosis with necrosis, Langhans giant cells, and few acid-alcohol-resistant bacilli by Ziehl-Neelsen staining (Figure).