Langer muscle

pec·to·ro·dor·salis mus·cle

an anomalous muscle or tendinous slip that passes across the axilla from the pectoralis major to insert with the latissimus dorsi onto the humerus. Thought to be a vestige of the panniculus carnosus muscle of lower mammals.
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Langer muscle

Muscular fibers from insertion of the pectoralis major muscle, over the bicipital groove to the insertion of the latissimus dorsi.
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Karl (Ritter von Edenberg), Austrian anatomist, 1819-1887.
Langer arch - Synonym(s): axillary arch muscle
Langer lines - lines which can be extrapolated by connecting linear openings made when a round pin is driven into the skin of a cadaver. Synonym(s): cleavage lines
Langer muscle - Synonym(s): axillary arch muscle
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