Langenbeck retractor


Bernhard R.K. von, German surgeon, 1810-1887.
Langenbeck amputation
Langenbeck elevator
Langenbeck flap
Langenbeck forceps
Langenbeck incision
Langenbeck knife
Langenbeck needle holder
Langenbeck periosteal elevator
Langenbeck raspatory
Langenbeck retractor
Langenbeck saw
Langenbeck triangle - formed by lines drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine to the surface of the great trochanter and to the surgical neck of the femur.
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The right ventricle was exposed by gentle downward traction on the diaphragm using either a suction cannula or a Langenbeck retractor. The ventricular pacing lead buttons were sutured to the diaphragmatic portion of the right ventricle using two interrupted 5/0 polypropylene sutures each (Figure).
Exposure was facilitated by placement of a self-retaining retractor and two Langenbeck retractors: one lifting the sternum upwards and the other retracting the diaphragmatic pericardium downwards.
An example of a hand held retractor would be that of a Langenbeck retractor, whereas a Turner Warwick retractor would be an example of a self retaining retractor.
Further flexion and the use of Langenbeck retractors for the anterior soft-tissue flap allow the exposure of the anterior capsule.
The remaining theatre was home to the general surgeons wielding Langenbeck retractors, Spencer Wells and Moyhihan forceps, McIndoe's scissors and numerous other eponymous instruments.