Lane, Sir W. Arbuthnot

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Sir W. Arbuthnot, English surgeon, 1856-1943.
Lane band - a congential band on the distal ileum causing stasis. Synonym(s): Lane kink
Lane bone-holding clamp
Lane bone-holding forceps
Lane catheter
Lane clamp
Lane disease - asymptomatic symmetrical palmar erythema. Synonym(s): erythema palmare hereditarium
Lane dissector
Lane elevator
Lane forceps
Lane kink - Synonym(s): Lane band
Lane mouth gag
Lane needle
Lane plates - flattened, narrow, metal plates used to hold the fragments of a fractured bone in apposition.
Lane retractor
Lane rongeur
Lane screwdriver
Murphy-Lane bone skid
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But this was no simple case of "He said, she said." Bell broke down sobbing in a performance that the Post nominated for an Oscar as "Best Drama Queen." Much of the testimony tamed on an incident in which Helmsley allegedly stepped into the Park Lane elevator and found herself face-to-face with a man with shaved head in "leather fetish" regalia, who tamed Out to be Kristof Probst, Bell's boyfriend.