erythema palmare hereditarium

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er·y·the·ma pal·ma·re he·re·di·ta·ri·um

a hereditary condition, which may be precipitated by pregnancy, characterized by asymptomatic symmetrical redness of the palms; autosomal dominant inheritance.
Synonym(s): Lane disease
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Sir W. Arbuthnot, English surgeon, 1856-1943.
Lane band - a congential band on the distal ileum causing stasis. Synonym(s): Lane kink
Lane bone-holding clamp
Lane bone-holding forceps
Lane catheter
Lane clamp
Lane disease - asymptomatic symmetrical palmar erythema. Synonym(s): erythema palmare hereditarium
Lane dissector
Lane elevator
Lane forceps
Lane kink - Synonym(s): Lane band
Lane mouth gag
Lane needle
Lane plates - flattened, narrow, metal plates used to hold the fragments of a fractured bone in apposition.
Lane retractor
Lane rongeur
Lane screwdriver
Murphy-Lane bone skid
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Never divulging his sexual orientation to his attending doctors, he was diagnosed with a form of Lane disease when in fact he was seroconverting.