John, Swedish surgeon, 1869-1910. See: Landström muscle.
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In fact, Winborg and Landstrom (2001) and Ebben and Johnson (2006) found in studies of bootstrapping that speeding up collections and delaying payments to suppliers were identified by small firm owners as important methods for reducing the need for outside debt and equity financing.
1982; Kryter 1985; Kyriakides & Leventhall 1977; Landstrom et al.
3) See generally HANS LANDSTROM, PIONEERS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SMALL BUSINESS RESEARCH (Springer 2005), available at http://books.
There have also been more fundamental critiques on the low validity (Hansemark, 1999), or even impossibility (Swedberg, 1998; Landstrom, 2000), in research aiming at identifying so called entrepreneurial traits within the individual.
Lake enthusiast Jason Landstrom fired the first shot by helping found the Tonka Beer Company.
Enabling customers to gain the overwhelming majority of the known advantages of a distributed inverter topology, while cutting the cost in doing so by such a substantial margin, turns Gemini into a disruptive innovation for the market," said Direct Grid Technologies' CEO, Scott Landstrom.
After discussions at a 2007 Academy of Management Meeting, editors Landstrom (Lund U.
The fact that a difference is found here between typing performance and math/reasoning performance is not unexpected, as the authors and others have previously found that the type of task can affect results since different neural processes occur in accomplishing the tasks (Hughes and Jones 2001, Landstrom 2004, Ryherd and Wang 2007); the typing task requires less cognitive thought than math/reasoning tasks.
A major field of research deals with the creation of public policy solutions to solve the problems related to the equity gap (Wetzel, 1983; Landstrom, 1993; Coveney and Moore, 1998; Lumme, Mason and Suomi, 1998; Mason and Harrison, 2002).
Landstrom, RPA of Cogswell Realty, and Ira Tannenbaum of OEM and BOMA/ NY Preparedness Committee Member, pointing out that
Pete and Jane Landstrom, from Penylan, Cardiff, spent yesterday at the festival with their 18-month-old daughter Milly.
Winborg and Landstrom (2001) similarly observed that "bootstrapping is a phenomenon which deserves more attention in future research on small business finance" (p.