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Karl, Austrian-U.S. pathologist and Nobel laureate, 1868-1943. See: Landsteiner-Donath test, Donath-Landsteiner cold autoantibody, Donath-Landsteiner phenomenon.
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United States-based Iroko Pharmaceuticals has signed a licensing agreement with Landsteiner Scientific, a company engaged in the research and development, manufacture, distribution, and marketing of healthcare products.
PCH was first described as a distinct clinical entity in 1872 and the hemolytic antibody was described by Donath and Landsteiner. PCH is an intravascular hemolytic disease in which hemolysis is related to exposure to cold temperatures [1].
The Czechs pulled two back in the ninth, but Shuster's team of third Jeff Isaacson, second Jared Zezel and lead John Landsteiner ended with another point to secure the last available Olympic berth.
World Blood Donor Day - WBDD, celebrated on 14 June every year to commemorate the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered the ABO blood group system serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.
"This is also a milestone in blood group genetics and the end of long and astounding journey of discoveries in blood group genetics which started with Landsteiner from Austria and Fisher, Coombs and Morgan from England," he added.
In 1901, Karl Landsteiner would identify blood types and their role in safe human-to-human blood transfusions.
All game changers, without doubt: Koch's (1905) identification of the tubercle bacillus and related work on tuberculosis; Landsteiner (1930) on blood groups and blood typing; Fleming, Chain, and Florey (1945) for penicillin; Crick, Watson, and Wilkins (1962) on the discovery of DNA; Banting and Macleod (1923) for the discovery of insulin; Murray and Thomas (1990) on organ and cell transplantation.
World Blood Donor Day tomorrow, a World Health Organisation global health awareness day, marks the birth of Nobel Prize winner Karl Landsteiner, who first discovered the main blood grouping system in 1900.
This educational game is based upon the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to Karl Landsteiner for the discovery of human blood groups.