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A downward slope movement of a potentially lethal mixture of water, rocks, and mud, triggered by earthquakes, volcanoes, or weather events
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You've made a landslide with your confounded acres and a cow, and Verner can hardly get a vote anywhere.
Head of the geological planning expedition of the National Geological Exploration Service under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Rafig Hasanov has sharedinformation on landslides in Azerbaijan.
Palo, Leyte - The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Eastern Visayas Regional Office (MGB-8), refuted claims and reports that open pit mining operations in Biliran triggered massive landslides at the height of Tropical Storn Urduja.
University of Sheffield professor Dave Petley in an online article said the key manmade cause of landslides around the world is mining.
The number of casualties of typhoon Urduja in Eastern Visayas rose to 42 as more bodies were retrieved from the landslides and newer reports from areas that were previously isolated have started to pour in.
Landslides have always been one of the common natural hazards in Hong Kong and around 300 landslides are reported each year.
In a message to Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Devvrat, the President said "I am sad to learn about the massive landslides in Himachal Pradesh in which a number of bus passengers lost their lives and others sustained injuries.
Trees can help absorb excess rain and prevent landslides.
by PTI An aerial view showing the town half-submerged in floodwaters following landslides triggered by heavy rain in Khagrachari, Bangladesh, in this still frame taken from video on June 13, 2017.
Recent heavy rains have endangered residents in dozens of provincial towns, where makeshift construction on the slopes of the Andes makes neighborhoods particularly susceptible to landslides and flooding.
6 Mw) triggered thousands of landslides in the Muzaffarabad and Balakot, Pakistan.
Villagers routinely scavenge through unstable piles of dirt and rocks to look for jade pieces, but often become victims of landslides.