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A victim-triggered antipersonnel device buried in a road or field and intended to—when trod upon or run over by a vehicle—explode and kill/maim the enemy
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The discovery of the landmines took place after residents in the area reported the suspicious activities of unidentified people in Mampait, said Capt.
One year ago, in May 2012, KHRG published uncensored testimonies from a group of villagers in Pa'an District who pleaded urgently for mine action support as the community had been particularly hard hit by landmines. See KHRG, Uncertain Ground.
In this work, three landmines: KM15, KM16 and KM19 as shown in Fig.
There had also been an incident in October, when Syrian troops abandoning a military position near the village of Khirbet al-Jouz close to the Turkish border had left behind up to 200 landmines, Hiznay said.
"Any new use of antipersonnel mines should be strongly condemned by those who care about protecting civilians during and long after armed conflict." Human Rights Watch says that besides Libya last year, others to have used antipersonnel landmines, included Burma, Israel.
The 60 year-old woman, who was rushed to Martyr Mamdouh Abaza Hospital in Qunaitera, said that she was herding cows in the area when a landmine was set off by one of the cows, knocking her out and causing her to pass out.
Sister organisation Mineseeker Operations is the business arm set up to establish a commercial basis by which landmines could be pinpointed and eventually cleared.
It is estimated by the United Nations that there are up to 100 million landmines located in 70 countries around the world.
Most of the landmines were planted during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1980s and demining operations have been ongoing ceaselessly ever since.
SANA'A, Jan 20 (Saba) -- The Committee on Steering the National Landmine Programme held a meeting on Wednesday with representatives from the embassies of the countries supporting the programme in attendance.
The statement said of the 25,000 destroyed landmines, 17,000 were anti-personnel and 8,000 anti-tank mines and it was estimated that up to 15,000 landmines remained on Cyprus, with 2 million square metres of land still possibly contaminated by mines and unexploded ordnance.
Minister Othman stressed that work "is taking place to complete the second phase of the surveys, covering the remaining five provinces in central and north-central Iraq," explaining that Iraq "is considered one of the largest countries, suffering from landmines planted during its modern history, despite the fact that no delicate statistics are available on the level of the pollution."