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A recognizable skeletal or soft tissue structure used as a reference point in measurements or in describing the location of other structures. See: cephalometry; craniometry

bony landmark

A structure or spot on a bone used as a reference for measurement.

cephalometric landmark

A bony point that is used in living persons or radiographs for measurements of the head or face or orientation of the head in certain positions.

craniometric landmark

A bony point or area on the skull used for measurements or orientation of the skull.

orbital landmark

A cephalometric point located at the lowest point of the orbital margin.

radiographic landmark

A cephalometric, craniometric, or soft tissue landmark used for orientation or measurements.

soft tissue landmark

An area or point on a soft tissue used as a point of reference for measurements of the body or its parts.
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Anatomic structure used in locating, identifying, referencing, and measurement.
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Apple already operates stores in two landmarked buildings in Soho and Midtown.
The renovation will maintain the landmarked building's neoclassical facade and remake the interiors in a way that preserves their configuration while modernizing their look and feel.
JLL recently relocated its Lower Manhattan office to the 30th floor of the Class A 2.2 million-square-foot landmarked building at 28 Liberty Street.
The Bradhurst Condominium at Strivers Row, which houses the retail, is a landmarked building that was constructed in 1896.