Landmark Article

An article, abstract or work in a scientific journal regarded by workers in a field as a seminal study or which had substantial impact on that area of knowledge
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corporations for focusing on short-rather than long-term investment returns dates back to at least 1980 when Harvard Business School faculty members Robert Hayes and William Abernathy wrote in a landmark article, "By their preference for servicing existing markets rather than creating new ones and by their devotion to short-term returns and management by the numbers, many of them have effectively forsworn long-term technological superiority as a competitive weapon" ("Managing Our Way to Economic Decline, Harvard Business Review 58 (July-August): 67-77).
Nearly 30 years have passed since William Sharpe introduced returns-based style analysis (RBSA) to the investment world in his landmark article, "Determining a Fund's Effective Asset Mix." In 1992, RBSA became commercially available through Zephyr StyleAdvisor.
Drawing on Rick Altman's landmark article about American silent film practices, "The Silence of the Silents" (Musical Quarterly 80, no.
"His landmark article on the history of palindromes and the SATOR square, appearing in Word Ways in 1979-1980, was sent to me under the name of David R.
As we struggled to develop a uniform logic for making this calculation, we ran across what I believe to be a landmark article in the June 1977ASHRAE Journal.
Astin, Ph.D., published a landmark article in JAMA asking this very question (1998;279:1548-53).
Based on these alerts, Docphin will email users new journal articles, tweets, and news media sources as well as breaking news and the landmark article of the week.
In his landmark article "Leadership That Gets Results" in the Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman posited six leadership styles and their impact on outcome.
In a landmark article in the Harvard Business Review and in a follow-up book, Kaplan and Norton maintained that though traditional financial measures worked well for the industrial era, a more balanced and comprehensive mix of metrics -- including assessments of financials, customers, internal business processes, and learning and growth (i.e., people metrics) -- is required to accurately gauge the health of today's organizations.
It was a pleasure to become reacquainted with the landmark article "Bioengineering methods of wheelchair evaluation" by Peizer et al.
Landmark article May 15, 1915: Gastric and duodenal ulcer.
In 1949, a British physician wrote in a landmark article that non-therapeutic circumcision is risky, harmful, and should not be performed.