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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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In January, the CDA had decided to set up a landfill and waste-to-energy plant in I-17, but the entire sector was allotted to a medical city set up by a military-run university.
Once again, our environmental eye is on Murang'a County.Hot on the heels of the water tunnel is the proposed landfill.
'But after 10 years, the Rodriguez landfill may be full again.
Though expansion plans may be scuttled, the Southbridge Landfill remains open, her neighbors' wells are still contaminated, and there's nothing to stop other home wells from being polluted.
The move comes a day after the Tashnag party announced it had agreed with the Burj Hammoud municipality not to allow any sorted waste to enter the landfill until construction at the site resumed.
An aerial view of the site of a proposed landfill by Laredo developer Carlos "C.Y." Benavides III.
By Mail Today Bureau in New Delhi NGT has asked civic agencies as to why dumping of garbage on already overflowing landfill sites not be stopped
From 2004 through much of this year, the company's duties included overseeing toxic water that has built up inside the landfill and making sure plastic liners on the top and bottom of the landfill are working.
Under the proposal, landfills would capture two-thirds of their methane and air toxics emissions by 2023-13% more than required under current rules.
Pope, was accused of manipulating his budgets to make it look like the C&D landfill was profitable.
Bulgarian environments have welcomed the decision of the European Commission to take to court Bulgaria over illegal landfills.
At the time, the landfill received around 6,000-7,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) per day (over 1,000 trucks) which was dumped, compacted and covered with sand in layers.