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n a thin slice of porcelain or plastic fabricated in a dental lab, which is cemented to the front of the teeth to cover gaps, whiten stained teeth, or reshape chipped or broken teeth. Laminates, or veneers, are generally natural in appearance and are long-lasting.
laminate veneer restoration,
n a conservative esthetic restoration of anterior teeth to mask discoloration, restore malformed teeth, close diastemas, and correct minor tooth alignment. The materials of choice are acrylic veneers, processed composite resin veneers, and/or porcelain veneers that are bonded directly to a properly prepared tooth.
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The Mor-Free ELM technology helps reduce the environmental impact of the lamination, generating 87 per cent less CO2 emissions and 85 per cent less energy consumption than solvent-based solutions.
In 1987, Corrada became a member of the industrial group EUROGROUP, a supplier of rotary electric equipment (electric motors and generators), an integrated package of highly qualified products and services such as blanked magnetic laminations and lamination stacks for electric machinery, carbide blanking dies, diecast molds for rotors, diecast rotors and special machines.
Within a particular beam, the laminations were identified from the compression face as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th laminations.
The restructuring is part of a programme to increase focus on market requirements and returning the laminations businesses to profitability.
Editor's Note: "Novel Lamination Ink Resin" received the 2012 Lawter Best Paper Award during; the 2012 National Printing Ink Research Institute's (NPIRI) Annual Technical Conference.
Henkel projected its position as a world leader in the production of industrial adhesives by showcasing a range of innovative product solutions for textile lamination at the Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, in June.
announced today it had sold its equipment used for calendaring and thermal bond lamination to Atlanta Nisseki CLAF(R), Inc.
In an attempt to use the abundant small-diameter logs and short pieces of lumber, together with the limited good grade lumber resources, in the production of glulam beams, continuous laminations should be used together with end-jointed laminations for short span beams.
NPE 2000 offered up new HMW-MDPE and HMW-HDPE film and molding resins with enhanced mechanical properties, plus new VLDPE resins, a hexene LLDPE with improved stiffness/strength balance, and an LDPE for high-speed extrusion lamination.
PHILADELPHIA -- Specialty materials company Rohm and Haas (NYSE:ROH) announced today that its close collaboration with equipment co-suppliers is helping packaging converters succeed on multiple fronts: speeding production, lowering costs, producing innovative laminations, improving food safety and meeting sustainability goals.
This compound gives paper and film laminators the heat resistance needed for demanding thin or thick stock laminations.
Technical Ventures President and CEO Frank Mortimer stated: "Due to the proposed vertical integration of Technical Ventures and Multi-Web Laminations of Woodbridge, Ontario, many exciting opportunities are now available through economies of scales between two companies.