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n a thin slice of porcelain or plastic fabricated in a dental lab, which is cemented to the front of the teeth to cover gaps, whiten stained teeth, or reshape chipped or broken teeth. Laminates, or veneers, are generally natural in appearance and are long-lasting.
laminate veneer restoration,
n a conservative esthetic restoration of anterior teeth to mask discoloration, restore malformed teeth, close diastemas, and correct minor tooth alignment. The materials of choice are acrylic veneers, processed composite resin veneers, and/or porcelain veneers that are bonded directly to a properly prepared tooth.
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In addition to its lamination capabilities, the company also operates a full-service electrical steel service center with value-added capabilities.
Dow and Nordmeccanica worked together to reimagine the current conventional lamination process and address some of its fundamental limitations, namely combining fast curing, which requires a fast-acting adhesive, with outstanding pot life, which requires a slower-acting adhesive, added Vincenzo Cerciello, VP Technology at Nordmeccanica Group, With SYMBIEX and the Duplex SL One Shot laminator, we are able to slit just 90 minutes after lamination compared to todays 24 hour standard.
Aggregation of small defects has taken place and significant size laminations were formed.
Within a particular beam, the laminations were identified from the compression face as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th laminations.
The restructuring is part of a programme to increase focus on market requirements and returning the laminations businesses to profitability.
Editor's Note: "Novel Lamination Ink Resin" received the 2012 Lawter Best Paper Award during; the 2012 National Printing Ink Research Institute's (NPIRI) Annual Technical Conference.
Foam textile laminations Thanks to their good environmental compatibility, modern hotmelt techniques are also now being used for foam-textile lamination applications.
There is an inevitable need for the use of end-joints, even as outermost laminations, if glulam beams are to be produced only from these low-grade timber resources.
It reportedly has very good sealing characteristics and is suited for use in paper/LDPE/foil/LDPE structures and film-to-film laminations (treated or chemically primed).
PHILADELPHIA -- Specialty materials company Rohm and Haas (NYSE:ROH) announced today that its close collaboration with equipment co-suppliers is helping packaging converters succeed on multiple fronts: speeding production, lowering costs, producing innovative laminations, improving food safety and meeting sustainability goals.
Tenders are invited for (1) Supply off 158 kW Synchronous Generator Regenerative Loading System, 1 Lot (2) Soft Magnetic Material, 1 Set (3) High Energy NdFeB Magnets-1250, 540 Nos (4) Robot for 660 MW Lamination Assembly, 1 No (5) Sub-assemblies for 150/270 MW Lamination, 1 Set (6) Robot for 150/270 MW Lamination Assembly, 1 No (7) Sub-assemblies for 660 MW Laminations, 1 Set (8) Laser Equipments Set(9) Dielectric Spectroscopy, Set (10) VME64x Basic 4 U/84 HP Chassis,8 Nos (11) InsulatingTube Assembly, 8 Nos (10 days)
The integrated product lines will provide our customers with the unique benefit of sourcing everything needed for socket laminations from one company", he added.