Laminaria saccharina

Laminaria saccharina,

n See kelp.
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Chung and Brinkhuis [6], also showed that the early stages of Laminaria saccharina start to die after 8 days at 50 [micro]g [l.
INCI: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (and) glycerin (and) phytic add (and) laminaria saccharina extract
Biomass, photosynthesis and growth of Laminaria saccharina in a high-Arctic fjord, NE Greenland.
Scientists in Ireland evaluated brown Irish edible seaweeds--Himanthalia elongata, Laminaria saccharina and Laminaria digitata--for their microbiota when they were raw and after they were heat-processed.
2000) found higher levels of 20:4n-6 in the gonads of Psammechinus miliaris fed with Laminaria saccharina, a macroalgae enriched in this fatty acid, than in those fed a salmon diet containing less than 1% of 20:4n-6.
Effect of outplanting time on commercial cultivation of kelp Laminaria saccharina at the southern limit in the Atlantic coast, NW Spain.
Because all understory kelp species were structurally similar (in size and overall shape), they were grouped as "annual" (Costaria costata, Cymathere triplicata, and Laminaria saccharina,) or "perennial" (Agarum clathratum, L.
BLAST searching of the translated sequence confirmed that the PCR product is the gene encoding FCP, with a 51% amino acid sequence identity with Laminaria saccharina FCP (lhcf7) (AF226863).
Periodic control in sorus formation in the brown alga Laminaria saccharina.
INCI: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (and) glycerin (and) phytic acid (and) laminaria saccharina extract
Influencia de las caracteristicas del hilo de siembra en el cultivo experimental de Undaria pinnatifida (Harvey) Suringar y Laminaria saccharina (L.