laminar flow hood

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made up of laminae or layers; pertaining to a lamina.
laminar flow hood a device that separates the air flowing through it into layers, cleansing the air of microorganisms. It is used to protect patients with compromised immune systems and is also used in operating rooms and pharmacies to provide a clean environment.

lam·i·nar flow hood

(lam'i-năr flō hud)
An enclosure in which air flow is directed so as to prevent contamination of sterile materials by airborne organisms.
Synonym(s): hood.
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In this theoretical example, users might choose to increase their capacity by adding shifts or expanding space and adding laminar flow hoods to offset slower production times and maintain production volume.
The instrument's streamlined design reduces air flow disturbances in laminar flow hoods. The Safety Control System SCS demonstrates state-of-the-art safety technology that constantly analyzes potential hazards and, if necessary, initiates safety measures, such as an interruption of the gas supply.
Contract notice: cofrac periodic inspections, corrective maintenance, supply of filters, spare parts for microbiological safety cabinets, and laminar flow hoods in favor of ght alliance de gironde
Control and maintenance services for laminar flow hoods, dna / rna hoods, chemical hoods and microbiological safety cabinets - spare parts, accessories and associated consumables.
Its streamlined design reduces air flow disturbances in laminar flow hoods. The one-piece construction is made of hydroformed stainless steel with no cracks or seams, making the unit suitable for use in extreme lab conditions.
Contract notice: supply of vertical laminar flow hoods with heating trays accessories and maintenance for the hospital group
50/2016, For the assignment of the supply and installation of chemical and laminar flow hoods to be allocated to laboratories of the university of cagliari