Lambl excrescence

Lambl ex·cres·cence

(lam'bĕl eks-kres'ĕns)
A small pointed projection from the edge of an aortic cusp, of unknown significance.
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(5) Papillary fibroelastomas have been referred to by a variety of names, including cardiac papilloma, myxofibroma, papillary fibroma, and giant Lambl excrescences. Most reports agree that they are best termed papillary fibroelastoma on morphologic and histologic grounds, and are not simply giant Lamb] excrescences.
The papilliferous surface is considered to result from exposure to the hemodynamic stress of flowing blood.[1,4] Lambl excrescences origin was suggested,[4] but most authors believe that PFE is a separate entity.[7] Other theories suggest that PFEs represent neoplasms, hamartomas, and inflammatory nodules.[4,7]
The differential diagnosis of PFE includes other papilliferous lesions of the heart, such as myxomas, Lambl excrescences, bacterial vegetations, and organizing marantic (thrombotic) endocarditis.[6,8] Myxomas most frequently originate from the wall of the left or right atrium and are rarely located on the valve surface.