Lambda phage

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Lamb·da phage

a bacteriophage used extensively in experimental systems.
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In reality megabase deletions cannot be distinguished from kilobase deletions because of the size limitation of lambda phage to be packaged.
To guarantee sufficient stability, the IC was introduced into lambda phage particles, as described recently (12).
Internal control DNA for PCR assays introduced into lambda phage particles exhibits nuclease resistance.
A salamander genomic library in lambda phage was screened using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to identify the phage clone(s) containing the green rod photoreceptor gene.
Studies of lytic growth have been hampered because of the instability of the lytic region (termed the L replicon) when cloned into a vector (lambda phage, in this case) (6).
Consider the lambda phage, which exists in its bacterial host (Escherichia coli) as either an inactive lysogenic form or as an active lytic form.
As with the lambda phage, marking can be very specific, with particular DNA segments marked by the binding of specific protein regulatory elements (e.g., transcription activators, enhancers, and suppressors) to modulate the expression of a specific gene or set of genes.
In this report, we use a traditional lambda phage cloning procedure to generate phage particles containing target-specific IAC DNA, i.e., phage IAC.
The purified IAC DNA fragment was inserted into the EcoRI cloning site of lambda phage DNA with use of the Lambda gt11/EcoRI/CLAP-Treated Vector Kit (Stratagene).
coli phages, termed T-even, T-odd and Lambda phages, are a group of ds-DNA bacteriophages that have a head capsid and tail.
Specifically, this method involves shearing and ligating the entire genome of an SLE patient into fosmids followed by packaging their DNA into lambda phages. The packaged phage is subsequently used to infect E.