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Jean-Baptiste P.A., French botanist, zoologist, and biologic philosopher, 1744-1829. See: lamarckian theory.
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indica is faulty; Lamarck was entirely unfamiliar with Afghani Cannabis.
Este pensador tambien trato de entender la evolucion de los seres vivos y, aunque asumio algunos supuestos del pensamiento de Lamarck, aporto indudablemente nuevas ideas al respecto.
Here, Corsi argues against three common assumptions that students of the history of evolutionary theory often make about Lamarck: (1) that Lamarck's theories were wholly out of the scientific and literary mainstream opinion of his time; (2) that the "radical materialism" of Lamarck's doctrines provoked a stifling response from conservative political figures, isolating Lamarck from engagement with the larger scientific community in France; and (3) that Lamarck ended up without a sympathetic audience for his work, especially among the scientific elite.
The study also aims at discussing anti Darwinism in the play and attempts to show that Shaw was on the side of Lamarck.
Butler notes that Lamarck aims only to give an outline of the general situation, one that is based on the principle that 'sense of need is the main direct cause of variation, and .
Sommerset shows that many Historians have indeed abusively cast Lamarck and Geoffroy as proto-evolutionists and Cuvier as a conservative "fixist"; such a dichotomized approach, Sommerset argues, overlooks important facts about Cuvier's theory.
Given that if I breed ten generations of bull mastiffs, and dock their tails, the eleventh generation will still be born with tails, Lamarck was wrong.
La teoria de la evolucion esta actualmente en un periodo de cambio, de intensa discusion, de revaluacion, de incorporacion de nuevos conceptos biologicos como la Epigenetica y de evaluacion de otros no tan recientes como las teorias de la herencia de caracteres adquiridos de Lamarck (37).
Callon de Lamarck is in favour of the HQ of this jurisdiction being in France, since it proves a good compromise between these two very strong "cultures," as well as offering a higher guarantee of independence compared to locating the HQ in Munich, which already houses the EPO.
Lamarck and a few other European naturalists had already suggested that fossil shells of snails, clams, oysters, and other invertebrates were different from presently living species.
Lamarckism, the discredited "inheritance of acquired characteristics," was a primitive version of epigenetics proposed by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829), to build on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and explain adaptation to the environment.
My favourite 18th-arrondissement street is rue Lamarck, a winding road of blond stone Haussmannian buildings encasing the Montmartre hill like a snake.