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The collaborative work of Orianne Lallemand (who lives in the West of France by the sea with her four children and is a well-known French children's fiction writer) and Eleonore Thuillier (who started as a fashion designer before turning to illustrating children's books), "The Wolf Who Wanted to Fall in Love" is a unique, lively, charming, and entertaining picture book for children ages 3 to 6--and will prove to be a popular and appreciated addition to daycare center, preschool, elementary school, family, and community library collections.
Orianne Lallemand and Elenore Thuillier (illustrator); THE WOLF WHO WANTED TO FALL IN LOVE; Auzou (Children's: Picture Books) 14.
The new IonysWF yeast by Lallemand is designed to showcase a red wine's natural acidity and balance.
ADVERTISING: Lallemand Animal Nutrition and Grade A Strategies, Inc.
Last April, BioForest was acquired by Lallemand, a Montreal-based business that develops, produces and markets yeast, bacteria and specialty ingredients.
It includes the profiles of leading companies such as Lallemand, Inc.
Other players in this segment include Lallemand Inc.
If you like wine then you are sure to want to join oenologist Patrice Lallemand on Wednesday when he will present six wines from French vineyards.
Other vendors in the market include Attune Foods, Bifodan, BioCare CopeHagen, Daflorn, Deerland Enzymes, Lallemand, and Winclove Probiotics.
La Residence hires Lallemand La Residence Hotel & Spa, a 1930-built art deco marvel in the one-time imperial capital of Vietnam, has named Edouard Lallemand as its new executive assistant manager.
The rise in multiculturalism is also influencing Millennials' palettes, according to Joanna Wozniak, sales & marketing manager, Lallemand Bio-Ingredients (a division of Lallemand, Montreal, Canada).
Father Francis Lallemand of Sambreville, Belgium, however, was more than happy to honor the passing of Miss Chiwa, a celebrity chihuahua who appeared in Belgian ads for doggy clothing.