Mungo Lady

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A 20,000–26,000-year-old female skull found in the Lake Mungo dig in New South Wales, and one of the oldest human fossils in Australia. LM1 became a symbol of the long Aboriginal occupation in Australia, and an icon for both archaeologists and indigenous Australians
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The archaeology of the Willandra Lakes began with the discovery and excavation of human remains at the Lake Mungo I site.
OSL results relevant to the Lake Mungo I and III burials might be seen as a bridge between the two datasets, and the mean burial age (gray band) also approximates the younger age limit for megafauna extinction in Australia.
Drawing on the format of such programs, Lake Mungo is presented as a documentary about a family living in the country town of Ararat, located about 200 kilometres west of Melbourne.
While the story in Lake Mungo is told through a psychological and dramatic form of documentary realism, the film also probes key questions regarding the relationship between visual technology, perception and truth.