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A trial to determine the effect of different radiation doses (9, 12, 15, and 18 Gy at 1 mm) with 90Yt after patient CA or stenting of de novo lesions to prevent restenosis
Conclusion Pre-percutaneous brachytherapy reduces the incidence of restenosis; the results are best if the brachtherapy is coupled with balloon angioplasty or stenting
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In stanza 6 Byron's Bonivard is almost pedantic in his precise documentation of the depth of Lake Geneva (Lake Leman), while Zukovskij's narrator briskly disposes of the matter before proceeding to the description of the dungeon itself: Lake Leman lies by Chillon's walls: A thousand feet in depth below Its massy waters meet and flow; Thus much the fathom-line was sent From Chillon's snow-white battlement, Which round about the wave enthralls.
Divonne is near to Lake Leman and Mont Blanc so the views are sensational and there are lots of things to do.
The new round of multilateral trade negotiations, which was to have started in earnest earlier this year, hit a snag at a time when the World Trade Organization (WTO) headquarters with a fine view of Lake Leman was supposed to have been thronged with trade negotiators from member countries.
It carried 40 passengers and granted approximately 32,000 people views of the bottom of Lake Leman over the course of 16 months.
Using different terminology and working from a different theoretical basis, Forel describes in this passage from his study of Lake Geneva (also called Lake Leman; Switzerland) what Arthur G.
The new metro will link up Ouchy, in the South of Lausanne by Lake Leman, to the borough of Epalinges in the North.