Lahey, Frank H.

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Frank H., U.S. surgeon, 1880-1935.
Lahey bag
Lahey carrier
Lahey catheter
Lahey clamp
Lahey dissecting scissors
Lahey drain
Lahey forceps - thyroid forceps used to deliver the uterus in vaginal hysterectomy.
Lahey gall duct forceps
Lahey goiter retractor
Lahey goiter tenaculum
Lahey gouge
Lahey hemostatic forceps
Lahey hook
Lahey incision
Lahey ligature carrier
Lahey needle
Lahey osteotome
Lahey scissors
Lahey score
Lahey tenaculum
Lahey thoracic clamp
Lahey thoracic forceps
Lahey thyroid retractor
Lahey thyroid scissors
Lahey thyroid traction vulsellum forceps
Lahey trephine
Lahey tube
Lahey Y-tube
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