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An order of herbivorous mammals (class Eutheria) resembling rodents (order Rodentia) but having two pairs of upper incisors one behind the other; it includes the rabbits, hares, and pikas.
[G. lagōs, hare, + morphē, form]
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The salivary glands of rodents and lagomorphs, animals used as experimental models, show great histological similarity to human glands, which makes them excellent candidates as experimental models.
It consumes medium mammals such as hedgehog and lagomorph but also voles, field mice, rats and other small rodents.
Diversity, extinction, and threat status in lagomorphs. Ecography, 38(11), 1155-1165 (doi: 10.1111/ecog.01063).
Prey species Frequency Frequency Relative Relative (%) of biomass number of occurrence consumed individuals (%) (%) consumed (%) >15 kg Odocoileus 67 74 72 45 virginianus Bos taurus (a) 16 12 20 4 Pecari tajacu 6 3 2 4 Canis latrans 1 0 0 0 Equus asinus 1 0 0 0 <15 kg Mephitidae 1 0 0 0 Birds (Catharidae, 1 0 0 0 Melleagris gallopavo, Corvus spp.) Nasua narica 2 0 0 0 Lagomorph 1 3 (b) 1 20 (Sylvilagus spp., Lepus spp.) Tortoise (Gopherus 0 6 4 17 agassizii) Squirrel 0 2 1 10 (Otospermophilus variegatus) Scavenge sites 4 -- -- -- (cow or deer carcass) (a) Bos taurus was identified as calf at all kill sites but age could not be established through scat analysis.
High prevalence of oqxAB in Escherichia coli isolates from domestic and wild lagomorphs in Italy.
Chiropterans are extremely rare finds, whereas lagomorphs are common in most sites, but both orders are left outside of our analyses because their systematic study is still ongoing.
The people considered the plateau pika as rodent; in fact, pikas belong to lagomorphs and not to rodents.
Rapp and Gates (1957) previously recorded this flea (reported as Hoplopsyllus affinis) in Nebraska from 8 counties (but not from Keith County) and from 4 different host species (two lagomorphs, two carnivores) but not from P.
Yang, "Reevaluation of several taxa of Chinese lagomorphs (Mammalia: Lagomorpha) described on the basis of pelage phenotype variation," Mammalian Biology, vol.
I would ask Firstborn to clean out the rabbit but he has strong views on the keeping of lagomorphs and says that she's food not a pet.
1996: Home-range sizes in a stratified upland of two lagomorphs with different feeding strategies.--Journal of Applied Ecology 33: 1479-1488.