Laelaps echidninus

Lae·laps e·chid·ni·nus

(lē'laps ē'kid-nī'nŭs),
The spiny rat mite, a common worldwide ectoparasite of the wild Norway rat and occasionally found on the house mouse, cotton rat, and other rodents; it is the natural vector of Hepatozoon muris and can transmit the agent of tularemia experimentally. Junin virus has been isolated from this species in South America.
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The species of arthropods were the following: Acari, Laelapidae: Androlaelaps fahrenholzi (Berlese, 1911), Androlaelaps rotundus (Fonseca, 1935), Gigantolaelaps wolffshoni (Oudemans, 1910), Laelaps echidninus Berlese, 1887, Laelaps manguinhosi Fonseca, 1935, Laelaps paulistanensis Fonseca, 1935; Macronyssidae: Ornithonyssus bacoti (Hirst, 1913); Ixodidae: Ixodes loricatus Neumann,1899; Trombiculidae: Eutrombicula alfreddugesi (Oudemans, 1910).