lactic acid fermentation

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lac·tic ac·id fer·men·ta·tion

the production of lactic acid in milk, or other carbohydrate-containing media, caused by the presence of any one of a number of lactic acid bacteria.
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Lactate fermentation generates NAD+ that can be used as an electron acceptor.
Degradation of [FB.sub.1] in this lactate fermentation process is not well understood and warrants further investigation.
lactococci, leuconostocs, weissella, streptococci, pediococci, and enterococci, grow vigorously and start lactate fermentation by creating an anaerobic environment suitable for the development of lactobacilli (Ennahar et al., 2003).
The WSC content of guinea grass material (range, 2.24.4%) used in the present study seemed insufficient for the promotion of lactate fermentation because a WSC content higher than 6% or 7% has been reported to be favorable for lactate fermentation (Oshima et al., 1997).
Homolactic bacterial inoculants are added to silage mainly to induce lactate fermentation thereby accelerating a rapid pH decline which preserves the silage.

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