Lactate Testing

The testing of the speed, power output level, and/or heart rate at which an athlete's anaerobic threshold lies
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"We were looking at power output, lactate testing, hamstring strength, groin strength.
Although there was no relationship between the blood and salivary lactate densities during the initial phases, the mere existence of a statistically significant relationship in fifth and sixth phases shows that salivary lactate testing can be considered as a non-invasive method for estimation of lactate threshold.
Lactate testing profile athletes to tell them how hard they can push and how long they need to push in a race.
Head of fitness and conditioning Andreas Kornmayer oversaw proceedings as the players underwent lactate testing on the outdoor pitches.
Once blood lactate testing is not always possible due to lack of equipment, great attention has been devoted to alternative methods for LTAN assessment (Dumke et al., 2006; Simoes et al., 1999; Van Schuylenbergh et al., 2004).
Scott HF et al sought to test the utility of lactate testing in paediatric emergency department (ED) patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS).
Additionally, EDLOS did not significantly affect compliance with the sepsis protocol with the exception of adherence to repeat lactate testing.
(8) Interestingly, although lactate levels are considered the gold standard for physiological demands, performing blood lactate testing in cardiac patients is not regularly observed in cardiac rehabilitation settings.
In fact, lactate testing is required by the Early Goal Directed Therapy (EGDT) protocol3 that has been studied in septic patients.
The profitable company has established distribution channels for its products, which include instruments and reagents for diabetes, haemoglobin, cholesterol, liver and kidney function and lactate testing.