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An enzyme that catalyzes oxidation of benzenediols to semiquinones with O2.
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It was reported that mostly laccase is responsible for the enzymatic degradation of textile dyes for by P.
The role of CueO in copper detoxification as well as its laccase activity makes it suitable for biotechnological applications.
Response surface methodology (RSM) is an effective statistical technique to investigate complex processes and has been used in the optimization of laccase production by different fungal species [13, 22-24].
Physiological regulation of laccase and manganese peroxidase production by white-rot Basidiomycetes.J.
To study the influence of the industrial wastewater concentration on the decolorization efficiency and laccase production, SSF experiments were carried with G.
So, Canadian scientists set out to encapsulate crude laccase obtained from Coriolus hirsutus in alginate and alginate-silica matrices.
Kim, "Enzyme adsorption, precipitation and crosslinking of glucose oxidase and laccase on polyaniline nanofibers for highly stable enzymatic biofuel cells," Enzyme and Microbial Technology, vol.
The most common "Blue" MCO enzymes are ascorbate oxidase (AOx), laccase (Lac), and bilirubin oxidase (BOx) that can act as excellent biocathode materials for biofuel cell applications [5, 6].
Determination of Presence of Enzyme Laccase. The media for selection of lignin-modifying fungi were prepared by the use of plain agar and minimal salt media with the incorporation of lignin (to encourage selection of lygninolytic fungi) and Guaiacol, which acts as a colorimetric indicator of the lignin-modifying enzymes laccase or peroxidases.
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