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, gen.


(lak, lak'tis),
1. Synonym(s): milk (1)
2. Any whitish, milklike liquid.
[L. milk]
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Abbreviation for:
lactic acid
Lactobacillus acidophilus
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lupus anticoagulant
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After examining thousands of lobate lac scale infestations on many plant species distributed on multiple sites in southern Florida, we found that this scale infested primarily the branches and main stems of <2 cm in diameter.
Of the thousands of lobate lac scale examined, there was no male stage.
2008) evaluated the lobate lac scale's ability to survive at various cold temperatures of longer duration.
From these observations, it appears that a light frost would greatly reduce field populations of lobate lac scale but not eliminate them, so that in time their populations would recover.
The survival of crawlers for relatively long periods without a host was unexpected, and although the survival rate was low, a single individual of a parthenogenetic species such as lobate lac scale can initiate an infestation.
Exposure temperature and duration, as well as their interaction, had significant effects on the estimated mortality rate of immature lobate lac scales (temperature: F = 17.75, df = 6, 1008, P < 0.0001; duration: F = 115.95, df = 5, 1008, P < 0.0001; temperature x duration: F = 2.95, df = 30, 1008, P < 0.0001) (Fig.
Temperature, exposure duration, and their interaction significantly affected the survival of adult lobate lac scales (temperature: F = 14.69, df = 6, 1158, P < 0.0001; duration: F = 101.76, df = 5, 1158, P < 0.0001; temperature x duration: F = 1.53, df = 20, 1158, P = 0.0353) (Fig.
Adult lobate lac scales were more cold-tolerant than the nymphs at 0 and 5[degrees]C.
Despite the small number of available parasitoids, close observations on the oviposition behavior of parasitoid species produced better insights into their relationship to the invasive lobate lac scale. Coccophagus parlobatae was isolated as a secondary parasitoid of P.
lobata might not have co-evolved with the invasive lobate lac scale. Morphological and molecular comparisons between the invasive lobate lac scale from Florida and P.
The Lobate lac scale, a new insect pest of trees and shrubs in Florida: Implications of the Caribbean region.
Lobate lac scale, Paratachardina lobata lobata (Chamberlin) (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccidae: Kerridiae) University of Florida Featured Creatures.