laboratory information system

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lab·o·ra·tor·y in·for·ma·tion sys·tem

(lab'ŏ-ră-tōr-ē in'fōr-mā'shŭn sis'tĕm)
A complete software program for clinical laboratory collection, reporting, and quality assurance of specimens.
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Electronic transfer of collection information to the laboratory computer system eliminates manual data entry when specimens arrive in the laboratory.
The French anti-doping agency launched legal action against unnamed persons after they found their laboratory computer system had been hacked into in September 2006.
"French judge (Thomas) Cassuto from the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nanterre informed us that he had issued an international arrest warrant on January 28 against Floyd Landis andhellip;after our laboratory computer system was hacked," Bordry told the Reuters news agency.
A full visible spectrum of a liquid sample is produced and stored within the device for later uploading into a laptop or a laboratory computer system. Uploaded spectra (up to 500) can be further processed by the device's spectral data handling package.
Clearly, the laboratory computer system must indeed address all issues relative to the testing process for us to approach the next degree of quality.
Often taken for granted, your laboratory computer system should be property maintained to perform consistently at its best.
After five days of incubation, the robot uncaps the bottle and the controller takes the final dissolved oxygen reading, calculates the BOD values, and stores or transfers data to a laboratory computer system. The robotic system also includes a workstation to wash and rinse the BOD bottles after each use.
What does such a CHIN laboratory Computer system look like?
It also includes training on the laboratory computer system and time for employees to view video presentations and participate in group discussions on client relations.

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