Laban von Varalja, Rudolf

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Laban von Varalja,

Rudolf, German dancer, 1879-1958.
labanotation - dance notation used in physical therapy.
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Furthermore, her familiarity with Labanotation, learned in the 1930s and 1940s, contributed towards her ability and desire to create a system of notation specifically tailored towards the dances she studied, primarily Native American dances.
As a student of African music and dance as well as being the creator of Greenotation, a system for writing music of percussion instruments; a choreographer, and a certified teacher of Labanotation, I have conducted research in African music and dance for over 45 years.
(13.) Labanotation, developed by Rudolf Laban, is used primarily to record modern dance but can record any kind of movement.
Consequently, the system of Labanotation, as well as dance therapy, generated new interest in the United States for the work of Laban in general, and his methods of freeing body movement in particular.
Non-ballet courses required: Modern, jazz, tap or musical theater, dance history, choreography, music for dancers, biology for dancers, pedagogy, kinesiology, Labanotation, dance conditioning
The holistic nature of African dance as we have seen through the Anlo-Ewe example undoubtedly challenges efforts to document these movements as even Labanotation, the widest used movement notation tool can only pick a partial picture of the Agbadza movement description.
Dance majors must also take composition, music for dance, lighting design, technical stage application, dance history, Labanotation, anatomy and kinesiology for dancers and dance criticism, theory and philosophy.
I would spend many hours days and months with Agbeli teaching him the elements of music, the principals of dance movements through Labanotation. He openly admitted that he had never heard of Labanotation.
Minor; BFA, MFA, PhD Dance Studies Choreography, Education, Digital Technologies, History, Labanotation, Performance, Production NASD; (614) 292-7977;
Doris Green ( is a Fulbright Scholar, an ethnomusicologist, musician, dancer, certified teacher of Labanotation, and creator of Greenotation, a system for notating the percussion instruments of African ensembles.
Therefore, he brought a personality to Ghana to teach Labanotation, a system for writing dance movements on paper, to preserve the integrity and authenticity of Ghanaian dances.
He was also a student of Labanotation. Professor Opoku, head of the Dance division at the University, was here and later, took a position that led to a Master's degree in African dance at SUNY Brockport.