Peter F., 20th-century U.S. dentist. See: Laband syndrome.
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Laband, ([dagger]) and Vivek Patil ([double dagger])
why citizens decide to vote or not to, as in the recent innovative studies by Copeland and Laband [2002] and Cebula [2005].
In another article, David Laband and Robert Tollison (2000) quantified aspects of intellectual collaboration in economics; one example was a positive relationship between the probability of coauthorship and the frequency of "'equations, tables, figures, and appendices" (p.
A second article, looking at real-world behavior, is that of Laband and Beil (1999).
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The more visible or highly cited economics journals tend to be the more prestigious or higher-quality journals (Moore 1972; Hawkins, Ritter, and Walter 1973; Laband and Piette 1994b).
Laband and Piette (1994) reported that between 1976 and 1985 at least 55 new economics journals commenced publication.
Laband (1936) showed that of the 16 classic economic articles which appeared in 1974--1976 two were written by a team of authors (in both cases the coauthored papers were written by Sargent and Wallace), the rest of the top articles were solo productions.
For example, Laband and Piette [1994] provide several rankings of 130 journals calculated from articles indexed in the Social Science Citation Index.
Laband gratefully acknowledges financial support in the form of a McIntire-Stennis grant awarded through the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University.
The data collection for this paper was accomplished while Laband was a Visiting Fellow in the Director's Section of the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University during the summer of 1996.
Since Downs [1957] introduced the idea of the rational voter, there have been numerous empirical studies to test the framework [Brazel and Silberberg, 1973; Ashenfelter and Kelly, 1975; Aldrich and Simon, 1986; Mueller, 1989; Cox and Munger, 1989; Green and Shapiro, 1994; Lapp, 1999; Greene and Nikolaw, 1999; Cebula, 2001; Copeland and LaBand, 2002].