Peter F., 20th-century U.S. dentist. See: Laband syndrome.
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For example, contrary to historical narratives that lay bare realities of volatility among tribal kingdoms in pre-colonial Africa, Negritude works assume oblivion to the fact that the tribal differences led to tribal warfare which sometimes destabilized whole regions as was the Mfecane in Southern Africa (Mfecane refers to "turbulent migrations of the peoples that violently tore apart most of the pre-colonial societies of southern Africa and reached as far away as East Africa resulting from widespread warfare, devastation, and the formation by conquest or incorporation of newly militarized and centralized states" (Laband, 2011).
In economics, Laband and Lentz have studied career following by children in a variety of industries.
From an agency perspective of profit-maximizing voters, Laband and Lentz (12) argue that voters may view dynastic candidates as potentially more effective legislators given the presumption of greater institutional knowledge.
The central component of any IVF clinic is the embryology laband the best possible laboratory conditions are essential to achieve the best results in IVF treatment.
Laband and Lentz (2003) used a flexible fixed cost quadratic (FFCQ) function to estimate the multi-product cost function for institutions of higher education.
The direct transfer of entrepreneurial skills is also consistent with the rational choice of occupational following, which states that parents transfer job-specific human capital for intergenerational welfare maximization (see e.g., Becker & Tomes, 1979; Laband & Lentz, 1983).
Laband and Sophocleus {Atlantic Economic Journal, 1985), Johnson (American Economist, 1997), Laband and Tollison {Journal of Political Economy, 2000), Medoff (Labour Economics, 2003) and Medoff {Southern Economic Journal, 2003) control for article and author characteristics.
An earlier paper (Laband, Shughart, and Tollison 1990) based on data from 1950 to 1988 found that they do.