La Barra

A form of torture which consists of tying the victim’s wrists with the ankles while keeping the knees completely flexed. A rod is passed under the knees and in front of the elbows, and the victim is then suspended by raising the rod
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Organized by Mexico City-native Pablo Leon de la Barra, Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator, Latin America, in collaboration with colleagues at Museo Jumex, the exhibition focuses predominantly on work made by artists born after 1968, and also includes several early pioneers who were first active internationally in the 1960s and '70s.
At the helm of the newly renovated property is a fresh, experienced leadership team including recently appointed General Manager Carlos Blanco, Food & Beverage Director Carlos de la Barra, Director of Finance Jose Luis Flores and Resort Manager Fernando Flores.
Paul Ramirez Jonas' work is featured in Under the curated by Pablo Leon de la Barra, at the Solomon R.
Shifts In Journey Inside And Outside History' with Tiffany Chung, CAMP and Dr Edward Simpson, aACAyThe Courtyard as Constructive Void: Negotiating Perception and Memory' with Ahmad Jaride, Farid Noufaily and Megumi Matsubara, and aACAyContact and Exchange: Cartographies of Redrafted Legacies' with Dr Pablo Leon de la Barra, Dr AgungHujatnika, and Mohammad Abdul Rahman.
Sampson, and Mauricio Leon de la Barra, and Project Coordinator Christine M.
In the junior-senior classic, Joaquin de la Barra was fourth for South Eugene (18:14).
A clear misinterpretation of tirar la barra proposed by Mary Gossy (based on an oblique misreading of A.
The report benefited greatly from background papers prepared by Chilean experts, including Marco Dini and Gonzalo Rivas, Hernan Reyes, Veronica Martinez, Alejandro Gutierrez, and Mauricio de la Barra (with Miguel Almeyda).
Arnaut Vidal de Castelnaudary; Le Livre des aventures de Monseigneur Guilhem de la Barra, edite et traduit en francais moderne par Gerard Gouiran, preface par Jean-Charles Huchet, revise par Jean-Pierre Chambon, Textes et traductions des Classiques francais du moyen age 5 (Paris: Champion, 1998).
In the village of La Barra, CONPAZ said, the army leveled and burned homes, returning a month later to attack with helicopters.
a six-month option to purchase the La Barra fluorite property located approximately 50 miles south of Douglas, Arizona, near Esqueda, Sonora, Mexico.
Since the project's launch, the Guggenheim has welcomed three resident curators-June Yap (South and Southeast Asia), Pablo Leon de la Barra (Latin America), and Sara Raza (Middle East and North Africa)-to spearhead an exchange of research and thinking between experts in the regions and Guggenheim curatorial staff.