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Recovered crustacean LWS opsin transcripts T20086, T27696g1, and T27696g2 belong to stomatopod LWS opsin groups F, E, and B, respectively (Fig.
Hence, the overall effect of LWs on V in equilibrium is ambiguous.
Both TBs and LWs contain the AA allele in this locus.
We treated a beak as containing a "positive mark" when (1) the fluorescent ring or the darker stress increment was visible either in LWS or RSS and (2) the number of days elapsed to the next mark or to death were equal ([+ or -]2) to the number of increments observed.
by rejecting interest rates in China as benchmarks for calculating the benefit from Chinese currency loans from SOCBs, in the CWP, LWS and OTR investigations, or that the benchmarks actually used in respect of the loans were inconsistent with those obligations;
The LWS must meet DARPA's aggressive weight, volume, beam quality, and runtime requirements for the High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS) program.
The SCF is the most comprehensive household financial survey that will be included in the LWS, both in terms of data content and population coverage, and has served as a model for many of the European surveys that will also be a part of the LWS database.
The remaining three parts--the RWR and RF jammer, the LWS, and the central processor have yet to be selected.
The agreement also includes a significant services and maintenance component in which Lucent Worldwide Services (LWS) will provide spare part management, first line maintenance and remote technical support (RTS).
In semi-auto pistols, the offerings range from the tiny, incredibly light and wafer-thin Kel-Tec P-32 up through the NAA Guardian and Seecamp LWS .32s and .380s; and from the smaller size Kahr Arms MK and Covert 9mm and .40 models through the "baby Glocks," such as the G19, G27 and G33.