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1. unwanted variations in a signal that result from imperfections in transmission; see also signal-to-noise ratio.
2. any disturbance in a visual signal being recorded in radiography; see also mottle.


1. Unwanted sound, particularly a complex sound that lacks a musical quality because its various frequencies that comprise it are not whole-or-partial number multiples (harmonics) of each other. Compare: harmony.
2. Unwanted additions to a signal not arising at its source; for example, the 60-cycle frequency wave in an electrocardiogram; largely eliminated from machines after 1980 (includes visual noise on imaging studies).
3. Extraneous uncontrolled variables influencing the distibution of measurements in a set of data.


random signals or disturbances that interfere with the normal flow of data through pathways of computers and other electronic devices.


Random variation in signals of the electromagnetic spectrum that carries no useful information from the source.

A term defined in MRI as an undesirable background signal interference or other disturbance, which affects image quality.

Occupational medicine
OSHA requires that anyone with occupational exposure to greater than 89 decibels should wear ear protection.


Electronics Random variation in signals of the electromagnetic spectrum that carries no useful information from the source. See Cymatics, Music therapy, Sound therapy Technology Poisson noise Fluctuation in the number of information carriers–photons, electrons, which appears as 'snow' in a cathode ray tube, a function of the statistical variation of the rays received by the detector and number of electrons produced by the photomultiplier. See White noise. Cf Chaos, Pink noise.


1. Unwanted sound, particularly complex sound that lacks a musical quality because the various frequencies of which it is composed are not whole or partial number multiples (harmonics) of each other.
2. Unwanted additions to a signal not arising at its source; includes visual noise on imaging studies.
See: signal:noise ratio
3. Extraneous uncontrolled variables influencing the distibution of measurements in a set of data.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L.L. nausea, seasickness]


1. a loud, harsh and objectionable sound.
2. interference in an ecological or electronic system, but insufficient to stop the system.
3. in statistics when extraneous, uncontrolled variables cause errors in the distribution of data.

noise pollution
noise in the environment that adversely affects, in our context, the animal inhabitants. No such ill effects have been demonstrated.

Patient discussion about noise

Q. what causes the sound of cracking noises in the head all the time it was said i had acute sinusitis but honestly i think it is more . I don't know why i have cracking noises in my head . I am very concerned about this also my neck is always stiff feeling and aching all the time. . My eyes are very tired and i see blue spots and they hurt behind the eye very badly . I have headaches very often

A. wow...that really sounds serious...i have chronic sinusitis and i can tell you i had horrible headaches but nothing like you describe now. i would strongly consider going to a hospital and checking it out...
tell us what was the result!

Q. Tinnitus (Ringing and Other Ear Noise) Anybody have this problem? Urrrrrrrrrrr, I think I want to shoot myself,you know what I mean. It is worst than the chinese torture. Someone, please send me a good tip how to stop it. I have this for 4 yrs and it is driving me crazy. You cannot enjoy total complete silence. They say silence is golden but not when you have this ringgi in your ears. It gets worst when there is no noise. The only remedy I have is eating hot spicy curry, it helps for 2-3 wks and then it comes back again and then eating spicy food again. Listening to classical music helps to. Oh well.....just have to suck it up.

A. I've read that lipoflavinoids can help.

Q. what can cause a migrane other than light, noise, andno sleep? Well its been 4 days n 3 nights that I have it n it dont go away it was bad at first but then my right ear hurted as well as my right upper wisdomteeth It seems to be in only the right side and its been movin down towards my neck... Please if u have any info on wha the fuck is goin on with me let me know asap...

A. A migraine attack can be triggered also by caffeine consumption, alcohol consumption, certain medications, allergic reactions, physical or emotional stress, smoking, skipping meals, menstrual cycle fluctuations, menopause, and certain food containing-
1) tyramine- red wine, aged cheese, smoked fish, chicken liver, figs and some beans.
2) nitrates - like hot dogs, bacon and salami.

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The group also manufactures FFC terminated with DF-19 connectors (Hirose) for LVDS application which works at a lower frequency for 10 to 15" flat panels.
The PowerWise DS25CP152Q 2 x 2 LVDS crosspoint switch, without signal conditioning, also offers industry-leading jitter performance at data transmission rates up to 3.
The IDT LVDS fan-out buffers with glitchless switchover range in price from $5.
These buffers accept LVDS, current-mode logic (CML) and low-voltage positive emitter coupled logic (LVPECL) input, and the output levels are fully LVDS compliant.
Guaranteed to work in a temperature range of -40[deg]C to +85[deg]C the AS1154/56 LVDS drivers operate from a single +3.
Part Number Bits Speed Channels Outputs ADC14DS105 14 105 MSPS Dual Serial LVDS ADC14DS095 14 95 MSPS Dual Serial LVDS ADC14DS080 14 80 MSPS Dual Serial LVDS ADC14DS065 14 65 MSPS Dual Serial LVDS ADC12DS105 12 105 MSPS Dual Serial LVDS ADC12DS095 12 95 MSPS Dual Serial LVDS ADC12DS080 12 80 MSPS Dual Serial LVDS ADC12DS065 12 65 MSPS Dual Serial LVDS ADC14C105 14 105 MSPS Single CMOS ADC14C095 14 95 MSPS Single CMOS ADC14C080 14 80 MSPS Single CMOS ADC14C065 14 65 MSPS Single CMOS ADC12C105 12 105 MSPS Single CMOS ADC12C095 12 95 MSPS Single CMOS ADC12C080 12 80 MSPS Single CMOS ADC12C065 12 65 MSPS Single CMOS Pricing and Availability
In typical applications the LVDS transmission improves noise immunity of data signals, by converting single ended signals into LVDS signals.
The general-purpose LVDS physical layer devices (PHYs) are optimized for driving signals through cable harnesses in systems operating in harsh, high-temperature environments, such as automotive, industrial and military applications.
The SN65LVDS16/17/18/19 and SN65LVP16/17/18/19 are high-frequency oscillator gain stage buffers supporting LVDS and LVPECL on the high gain outputs in 3.
Both devices combine ON Semiconductor's cutting-edge bipolar capability with an LVDS-compatible output structure, enabling them to interface directly with LVDS devices without sacrificing performance.
National Semiconductor Corporation announced today the addition of three new high-speed analog interface chips to its industry leading portfolio of LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) products.
The NB7L32M is a divide by 2 Clock Divider with CML outputs that accepts differential LVPECL, CML, or LVDS inputs.