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8220;Knowing the high quality of the material used in making our labels - and also knowing that our labels' IMO approvals corroborate this, we decided to put our money where our mouth was and independently test all four colours of our labels according to the LUL standards.
According to IFL: “In our opinion, the results show that the material meets the requirements set for BS6853:1999 Table 7 Interior minor use materials of mass 100g to 500g Category Ia, Ib and II; BS 6853: 1999 Table 8 Exterior minor use materials of mass 400g to 2000g Category Ia, Ib and II, and LUL 1-085 Table 4 - Flammability and smoke emission requirements for non-listed items (Limited and dispersed usage).
The Deloitte report criticised the analysis of whether the proposed scheme was value for money, and LUL and its advisers criticised the Deloitte report.
LRT and LUL sought to enforce the confidentiality undertakings, whilst the Mayor and TFL claimed that the redacted version of the Deloitte report should be published on the grounds of public interest.
As part of this project, Silver Fox LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) tie on cable labels are being used to label both low and high voltage power cables on the LUL rail network.
They are used on LUL compliant cable labels for power, Cat5e, co-axial and fire alarm cables.
Please note that works on LUL and UKPN critical infrastructure will be conducted by a third party contracted by LUL and UKPN and were not included in this tender.
LUL is seeking to engage with a wide range of suppliers and operators of such equipment in order to understand the current market and explore opportunities for development.