lateral talocalcaneal ligament

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lat·er·al ta·lo·cal·ca·ne·al lig·a·ment

a ligament extending from the trochlea of the talus to the lateral surface of the calcaneus.
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Of the two techniques tested, lTCL was more effective than tTCL for PLB formation, and subculturing using the same BA concentration increased the formation frequency and total number of PLBs.
Approximately 30% of the tTCL explants and 60% of the lTCL sections produced 14.9-19.5 PLBs per responsive explant within eight to 16 weeks of culturing on growth regulator-free WPM (Tables 1 and 2).
Incorporation of a cytokinin into the medium (0.5 - 2.0 [micro]M) was essential for enhancing the frequency of PLB formation from tTCL; however, a BA concentration above the optimum level (2 [micro]M) inhibited PLB development during culture initiation and after the first subculture, as it was also observed with the lTCL method (Table 2).
Rapid and direct PLB regeneration from lTCL and tTCL protocorms without mediation of a callus is an efficient method for mass propagation in B.
The analysis of PLB production from protocorms using tTCL and lTCL technique showed that the latter produced more PLBs regardless of BA addition.
The type of lTCL segment showed no effect on PLB regeneration of B.
The analysis of PLB production using lTCL and tTCL explants showed that 2.0 [micro]M of BA was more responsive for B.
Exhibit 2: Capital Gains and Losses--1998 Netting Process STEP #1 STEP #2 Ordinary Income: Short-term Capital Gain If Net Short-Term Capital Gain, extend to STEP #5 Short-term Capital Loss (If Net Short-Term Capital Loss, add to 28% Loss below) 28% rate: Collectibles & SBS(1) If Net 28% Gain, extend to STEP #5 Coll., LTCL carried, NSTCL(2) (If Net 28% Capital Loss, continue offsetting) 25% rate: Unrecaptured Sec.