long-term care facility

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nurs·ing fa·cil·i·ty

(nŭrs'ing fă-sil'i-tē)
Health care facility for patients who require long-term nursing or rehabilitation services; formerly known as a nursing home.
Synonym(s): assisted living facility, long-term care facility.

long-term care facility



An institution such as a nursing home that is capable of providing continuous care for older or chronically ill persons.
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We report the prevalence and distribution of MRSA genotypes among clinical isolates obtained over a 10-year period (1997-2006) at the main LTCF in San Francisco, California, USA.
The percentage of case-patients with invasive GAS disease identified as living in nursing homes rose markedly in 1998 when a specific question about LTCF residence was added to the ABCs case report form.
We used ABCs data to compare incidence, characteristics, and factors contributing to death from invasive GAS infections of elderly LTCF residents and similar-aged persons residing in the community.
Every person in the community belongs to 1 of 5 age-dependent strata: preschool children (ages birth--4 years), schoolchildren (ages 5-18 years), adults (ages 19-64 years), seniors (ages [greater than or equal to] 65 years) living at home, and seniors (ages [greater than or equal to] 65 years) living in an LTCF.
Prior studies in Illinois demonstrated that CRE disproportionately affected chronically ill patients in acute care hospitals (both short- and long-term) and certain LTCFs that cared for mechanically ventilated patients (5,20).
The logistics required in the isolation of positive patients, monitoring antibiotic-drug use, overseeing hand washing, and environmental cleaning in an LTCF is daunting.
37) Of particular interest, LTCF staff vaccination rates seem to be more important than resident vaccination rates in reducing mortality as a result of influenza.
The tetK gene might benefit t1081 in LTCFs in the Netherlands, in which doxycycline is used more frequently than in hospitals (NethMap-MARAN 2014; http://www.
DEA briefly discussed the role of nurses in the narrow setting of (long-term care facilities) ourside of an employer-employee relationship and where no affirmative actions established an agency relationship between the individual practitioner and the LTCF nurse.
Deaths of LTCF residents in Florida and Mississippi have turned national attention on what once seemed like isolated events.
0004/NYS-W, but were not epidemiologically linked to the LTCF at the time of the outbreak (Table).