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Many financial professionals still have trouble volunteering information about LTC risk.
For a look at five things Lincoln Financial learned from its survey about how the general advisor population sees LTC planning, read on.
There are four key types of coverage: traditional health-based LTC insurance, linked life/LTC plans, life insurance with LTC or chronic care riders, and finally annuity LTC plans.
Become an expert in these four applications and not only will your LTC business grow, but so will your reputation as a creative problem solver who listens to his or her clients.
For example, LTC policies now are usually gender neutral.
A significant minority -- 32 percent -- said their companies might take another look at the market if regulators would make it easier for insurers to create new types of LTC hybrids, such as disability-LTC hybrids or critical illness-LTC hybrids.
Combos are best for clients who are not willing to purchase a standard LTC contract.
LTC insurance helps pay for these services, which can be very expensive.
To recommend national goals and objectives for LTC quality improvement
A study of 50 LTC Web sites conducted in early 2004 assessed how those communities use the Internet.
An experienced insurance agency manager, Paulus joined LTC Global in 2008 and has managed agency lead processing and distribution among other duties.
According to a LTC spokesman, Chief Executive Officer Lahore Parking Company Taseer Ahmed and Chief Executive Officer Lahore Transport Company Khawaja Haider Latif signed the agreement during a ceremony here at the LTC office.