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The yeast prion-like protein Lsm4, also a component of the Lsm1-7-Pat1 complex and PBs, has been shown to function as a seed/scaffold for SG formation under certain stress conditions [28].
Zhang et al., "Arabidopsis floral initiator SKB1 confers high salt tolerance by regulating transcription and pre-mRNA splicing through altering histone H4R3 and small nuclear ribonucleoprotein LSM4 methylation," Plant Cell, vol.
"This allows us to offer a very high level of product and service at a price that is fair to us and our customers." Recent purchases include a Heesemann LSM4 sander, a Komo VR-512 CNC router with custom tooling, and custom manufacturing software.
It was proposed that PRMT5/SKB1 affects plant development and the salt response by altering the methylation status of H4R3sme2 (for symmetric dimethylation of histone H4 arginine 3) and LSm4 and thus linking transcription to pre-mRNA splicing [201].