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Wante said that from January to September 2013, LRH spent $526,000 on heating oil; in 2014 during the same time period the cost for heating dropped to $207,000, including $61,000 for oil to be used as emergency backup and for other operations.
Additionally, as the vehicles are not branded in any way, LRH can offer clients a truly seamless service to its customers.
Although the regime allows for the state government to terminate the agreement with LRH and build a new hospital, this is an unlikely option because of the additional cost to the state, and the need to provide the existing high level of acute care out of a temporary facility until a new hospital is complete.
Shukat Khan who came all the way to Peshawar LRH from Lakki Marwat district while hiring a private Datsun pickup at Rs.
He said the clash between doctors and paramedics clearly demonstrated the mismanagement and inefficiency of LRH administration in addressing the issues in time.
LRH chief, Rahim Jan Afridi, confirmed three dead bodies and six wounded policemen had been brought to hospital from the scene of the attack.
Doctors at the LRH said Gul was out of danger, but he would be kept under intensive medical observation for a few more days.
A router bit bearing system is now available from LRH Enterprise designed and engineered to allow use of router bits on either hand held, table router or CNC router applications.
All the three gyne wards in LRH is over crowed and often four children are being kept on a signal bed, thus affecting smooth process of medical treatment, he said.
Fifty injured were rushed to Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) and 11 hospitalized in Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH), Tarakai said while talking to the media at the LRH.
The injured were shifted to LRH in Peshawar, where an emergency was declared in all hospitals to cope with the tragedy.
He said patients in LRH was more than required strength.