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abbreviation for lipoprotein lipase.


A gene on chromosome 13q14.3 that encodes L-plastin/lymphocyte cytosolic protein 1, an actin-binding protein expressed only in haemopoietic cells. It plays a role in activating T-cells in response to co-stimulation with TCR/CD3 and CD2 or CD28. LCP1 modulates the cell surface expression of IL2RA/CD25 and CD69.

Molecular pathology
L-plastin has been found in many types of non-haemopoietic malignant cells, suggesting that its expression is linked to tumourigenesis in solid tissues.
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Therefore, LPL mRNA expression in RNA extracts of the stromal-vascular cell fraction was also assessed.
is an indication of the strength of LPL Financial's commitment to sustainability and will hopefully serve as an inspiration for the global financial industry to follow.
Allard has been a financial planner since 1990 and is an LPL Executive Council member, ranked among the top 10 independent advisors based on gross dealer concession totals at LPL in 2016.
Arnold said LPL will "maintain our commitment" to credit unions.
The new firm is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and plans to have an office in Boston; both these locations also are where LPL has its main campuses.
Based on the role of LPL, LPL plays as a critical role in regulation of lipids deposition and transport, energy balance, body weight and growth traits for development as determined in farm animal (Du and Huang, 2007).
The LPL was defined as the number of days between age of sow at first farrowing and age of sow at weaning of her last farrowing.
These results indicated that LPL gene could be considered as a candidate gene affecting intramuscular fat content in special goat populations.
Despite the designation of all of these lymphoma subtypes as separate diagnostic entities by the 2008 World Health Organization Classification of Tumours of Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues, (1) differentiating LPL from these other low-grade small B-cell lymphoma (and even, potentially, from plasma cell myeloma) can, in some cases, be difficult.
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Mikel Poulsen of Way-point Wealth Management attended focus13, a financial services industry conference hosted by LPL Financial in August in San Diego.
In centres with established experience in advanced reconstructive laparoscopy, LPL can be a feasible alternative to PNL.