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The DSC of PF and LPF resins was performed on a DSC 200 F3 Maia instrument (Erich Netzsch GmbH & Co.
'The LPF censorship section had viewed the film Polis Evo 2 and gave its approval with the P13 classification for theatre screening,' it said.
When designing the analog LPF filter, a compromise has to be made between LPF filter response speed and the size of the ripple [20].
The distributor in Malaysia is expected to appeal the LPF decision to a separately constituted Film Appeals Committee.
Approximate mean flush volumes for the lower (LO) and higher (HI) flush volume conditions for the dual-flush toilets were HET LO 3.9 Lpf, HET HI 5.2 Lpf, PAT LO 4.1 Lpf, and PAT HI 4.9 Lpf.
CTS Corporation (NYSE:CTS) disclosed on Thursday that it has launched the RLF (Rooftop Low-pass Filter) family of products to offer compact, high performance low-pass filters (LPFs) used in small-cell base stations or other radio frequency (RF) wireless infrastructure applications.
The SRF-based algorithm works by changing a fundamental positive sequence current into direct current by Park Transform, then filtering out the harmonic and reactive current through a low-pass filter (LPF), and finally getting the compensation current reference value [16], as shown in Figure 2.
The input signal was filtered through LPF having variable cutoff frequency and slope controlling capability to obtain the bigger pulse width ratio and the more than minimum top pulse width of input signal depending on the belt conveyor speed.
[15] reported a filtering strategy that combines a low-pass filter (LPF) and a variant of PSMF-J.
The use of long-pass filters (LPF) right in front of the detector is commonplace in order to avoid such spurious scattering.
Denoising indexes of the three algorithms are shown in Table 3, where LPF stands for the low-pass filter and NIO indicates that the noise reduction method bases on normalized index optimization mentioned above.
Taking into account the fact that axle-box acceleration signals measured on site are often processed through the low-pass filter (LPF) to eliminate the high-frequency noise interference, 1500 Hz LPF change is imposed on the simulated result for the application in the processing of measured data.