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On the day the emulsion was prepared and on day four, LMD had about an 11% droplet volume with droplet diameters in the range of 0.
The CMF is a media community outreach initiative under the LMD aimed at stimulating debate among community stakeholders, including ordinary citizens around issues of accountability and transparency at the local level, while increasing citizens' access to information on programs or projects that directly impact their lives through participatory media engagements.
Le reforme du systeme LMD a reussi dans de nombreux pays", a-t-il dit, expliquant que si ce systeme n'a pas fonctionne en Tunisie c'est parce que les normes internationales relatives a sa mise en oeuvre n'ont pas ete respectees.
The Reform Committee is now working on improving the LMD system; a detailed report that outlines structural reforms poised for 2018-2019 will be published soon.
Unlike the general algorithms which reduce the dimensionality using the combination of PCA and LDA, LMD is utilized to reduce the dimensionality according to the characteristics of the waveform data in this section.
The procedure of LMD could be, in fact, regarded as the process of demodulation [22-28].
This study is intended to find out the effects of SWD with back extensor exercises versus US with back extensor exercises to reduce pain, disability, and improve the quality of life respectively with VAS, ROM and MODQ in case of single level LMD with 4-weeks of physical intervention.
LMD for 1263 adults (age 7 yr or more) and 102 sub-adults (age 1 -6 yr) sampled at Masoyak in June or July during 1992-2010 was analyzed using additive components-of-variance models.
In 2003, the company entered the bio-mechanics business for the medical laboratory market and developed an ION LMD system which is utilized in cancer research.
Initially developed for cancer research--in which it is imperative to separately analyze tumor cells and nearby normal tissue-the LMD techniques now are widely used throughout biomedical research.
LMD is more frequently inherited than either coronary artery disease or heart attack in general, German researchers found when they studied 1,369 healthy siblings of coronary heart disease patients.
An LMD will not be established in an area if more than half of the property owners object to it, but even if they approve it, the City Council must still give its own approval.