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In early Dutch iambic tetrameters are also best described neither by the "rigid" symmetric LMD, nor by the "soft" LM, but by the so-called "semi-rigid" asymmetric model of dependence (Kazartsev, "K voprosu"; Formal methods: 110-111; 117-119).
Apie sekmingai ivykdyta VLK pavedima--parengtas aritmetikos, algebras teoriju ir uzdavinynu knygas, ju autoryste pirmiausia sprendziame is LMD veiklos ataskaitu bei remdamiesi I.
In 2003, the company entered the bio-mechanics business for the medical laboratory market and developed an ION LMD system which is utilized in cancer research.
Initially developed for cancer research--in which it is imperative to separately analyze tumor cells and nearby normal tissue-the LMD techniques now are widely used throughout biomedical research.
If LMDs are approved in the areas, property owners could pay anywhere from about $60 to more than $3,000, depending on the size of their property.
This acquisition is an excellent fit with that strategy," said Tom Skinner, a Redbrick LMD managing partner.
Besides its range of 3D professional monitors, Sony also introduced the LMD 41W series to its range of 2D professional monitors--the LMD-2341W (23-inch) and LMD-1541W (15-inch).
The LMD is a Los Angeles County department set up to maintain the sprinkler system, occasional plantings, lawn mowing and weeding of the common areas within unincorporated areas in the county.
The Assay Group consists of the Luminex Bioscience Group, or LBG, and LMD.
Les licencies du systeme LMD recoivent une formation [beaucoup moins que] specialisee et approfondie dans une seule matiere, et actuellement, l'ESM assure une formation professionnelle portant sur la methodologie judiciaire aux eleves magistrats, les rendant aptes professionnellement a exercer effectivement la fonction [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il releve.
The bank has been rated Most Respected Bank in Sri Lanka by LMD, the leading Sri Lankan business magazine, for the past 10 years, has been the second Most Respected Corporate entity in the country overall for the past four years, and has been rated number one in Sri Lanka for honesty in 2013 and 2014 by LMD.
After four years of implementation, the LMD system is presently under assessment.