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However, despite the genetic variability for each N availability condition, the results indicated that the genotype performances for LLAT and LAXI were similar in those two conditions because the interaction G x E is not significant.
Considering the relationship between the traits studied, the presence of a significant and positive relationship between LLAT and LAXI and both low and high N and P was observed (Table 2).
Likelihood Ratio Test (LRT) values for the general combining ability (GCA) effects of groups I (GI) and II (GII) and the specific combining ability (SCA) effects between these two groups, estimates of average, heritability nurse sense ([h.sup.2.sub.a]) and the coefficients of variation (CV) for the lateral (LLAT) and axial root lengths ([L.sub.AXI]) under low N (LN) and phosphorus availability (LP).
Tenders are invited for contract of works of the project of new link of the ma-13, pk 14,800 (polygon of son llat), tm of santa maria del cam i consell
Major organization : FOVROSI LLAT - S NVNYKERT (EKRSZ_69245691)