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Acronym of linear accelerator.
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linear accelerator

A device that accelerates radioactive particles and beams to body regions affected by malignancy, while minimising damage to normal tissue. Linear accelerators use electrodes and gaps arranged in a straight line, proportioned so when electrical potentials are varied with the proper amplitude and frequency, particles passing through the waveguide receive successive increments of energy, and are therefore accelerated; the device delivers therapeutic radiation in the range of 4 to 25 million volts, as either intense radiation or high-energy electron beams—most commonly, 60Co, delivering 2–10 Gy/min (200–1,000 rads/min) at the centre of an internal malignancy. 

External beam radiation therapy, stereotactic body radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery.

Head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma and other lymphoproliferative malignancies, seminomas and localised breast cancer, in combination with an excision of malignant lumps.
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"Funding for the first five replacement LINACs, which will cost $25 million in total, comes from the $1.7 billion we invested in hospital and health facilities in the Wellbeing Budget," David Clark said.
The geometry was constructed of a LINAC Varian Clinac 2100 C/D operating at 15 MV in compliance with manufacturer's specifications, following the instructions of Mao et al.
As a safety mechanism, the physicist and radiation oncologist confirm the correct adjustments on the LINAC have been made by using a correct size collimator.
A linac is a machine for delivering external beam radiation to cancer in any part or organ of the body.
The preferred option is to acquire a new linac costing PS1.7m but Mr Heron reveals that the capital has already been earmarked.
ExacTrac and Versa HD enable treatment of conventional as well as complex cancers that require highly accurate targeting precision, expanding the reach and richness of SRS and SBRT for facilities looking to leverage resources and deliver advanced, sophisticated therapies across several different LINACs. With its initial clinical success, the Brainlab/Elekta solution is now being sought after by hospitals around the globe, reaffirming market preference for ExacTrac across several LINAC systems.
19 June 2012 - Swedish medical technology provider Elekta (STO:EKTA B) unveiled on Tuesday the purchase of Brazilian linear accelerator (linac) service firm Radon Ltda, which helped it boost its customer base in the country by 25%.
An extra 200 radiotherapy treatments will be carried out every week at Velindre Cancer Centre with the launch of the hospital's sixth linear accelerator, known as a linac.
The 1.5 million [pounds sterling] clinical electron linear accelerator (linac) unveiled at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) this month could halve the calibration process of radiotherapy equipment.
These changes include; a dramatic deemphasis of chemical lasers; diminished interest in neutral particle beams and X-ray lasers, except for use in discriminating between warheads and decoys in midcourse trajectories; and promotion of the induction linac free-electron laser as the top-priority candidate for shooting down missiles in their boost phase.