LGBT Community

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. These groups are often lumped together under the umbrella term, ‘gay community’
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The MP admitted using "completely inappropriate" language referring to the LGBT community and Chinese people in front of a stunned audience at the Labour students' gathering in Edinburgh last week.
The United Nations human rights chief on Wednesday criticized proposals in Indonesiaas parliament to criminalize gay sex and extramarital sex, saying such laws could hurt the countryas beleaguered LGBT community and other minorities, writes Reuters.
In my opinion, we are missing the whole point of the debate-the LGBT community (if I understand them correctly) is fighting for no less than their constitutional right to equality and equal opportunity.
In a recently-concluded LGBT yearend gathering held in Davao City, Duterte called on the LGBT community to nominate a representative for the sector in the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP).
Studies previously revealed suicide rates and cases of depression are higher among the LGBT community.
London: Barclays joined TeamPride, the consortium of companies set up by the charity Stonewall to fund the Rainbow Laces campaign and help drive equality in sport for the LGBT community.
The LGBT Community covers the history of sodomy laws and documents the violence and discrimination perpetrated against the LGBT community.
The Gay Games, organised by the LGBT community every 4 years, is a sporting and cultural festival which promotes diversity, inclusion and tolerance.
Friday's Google Doodle honored Gilbert Baker, the creator of a rainbow flag that became a symbol of the LGBT community, on his 66th birthday.
What the handbook proves unequivocally and strikingly is that the LGBT community is not going away, and businesses must take notice or be left behind.
Last month's article on meth in the community [Party & Play, October issue] was a much-needed "stick it in the face" to help try and wake up the community to the danger of drugs in our society and especially within our own LGBT community.
But as a recently released report of Prudential Financial makes clear, the financial picture for married couples, and the broader LGBT community, is decidedly mixed.