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(dōs), Do not confuse this word with dosage.
1. The quantity of a drug or other remedy to be taken or applied all at one time or in fractional amounts within a given period.
See also: dosage (3). Compare: dosage (2).
2. nuclear medicine amount of energy absorbed per unit mass of irradiated material (absorbed dose).
See also: dosage (3).
[G. dosis, a giving]
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The powerful LFS print process behind the Form 3 is built to scale: Form 3L simultaneously uses two Light Processing Units (LPUs) to bring large format 3D printing in-house.
"We tested her and her siblings, and discovered this was a family with LFS."
LFS after 6 weeks###9.34 +- 1.858###11.38 +- 1.954###<0.001
The LFS group showed significantly longer times (290.89, 297.00 min) in the spring and winter than in the summer and autumn (p< 0.05).
In Figure 2, the XRD patterns of the sintered samples (at 1050[degrees]C) containing only EAFD, FA, LFS, and the mixture EAFD-FA-LFS are provided.
A total of 137 patients were enrolled after the LFS diagnosis was confirmed by an experienced, board-certified neuroradiologist.
Animals were randomly divided into 3 groups: the Kindle group (n = 7), the LFS + Kindle group (LFS-K) (n = 6) where LFS was applied just before the kindling stimulations, and Kindle + LFS group (K-LFS) (n = 6) where LFS was administered immediately after the kindling stimulations.
Rychel, founding partner of BCR Financial Services and registered representative of LFS, has been in the financial services industry for 20 years.
The introduction of LFS has improved the operation of storage with continuous movement of pallets, both inbound and outbound, the developer said.
Marketed as the Tau 330 LFS. The complete system offers automatic end-to-end processing, from printing to the final diecut product.